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A performer speaks using to the full his bodies expression and many eyes look on from the dark of the auditorium
Badische Zeitung, Freiburg
Orfeo presents himself as the center of the world the point where all energy is gathered before being hurled outwards. The Gaucho serves merely as a name for something unknown, used here to magically fascinate.
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, Halle
Orfeo showed us his perfectly performed Gaucho-tapdance, which would not only win many hearts in any circus tent but also became an audience favourite here in this theatre.
Leipziger Volkszeitung
The dance of the Gauchos performed by the androgynous Orfeo won the audience award with a mixture of dynamism a la riverdance and eroticism a la Joaquin Cortez.
Ballet/Tanz aktuell
Orfeo, a mysterious spirit caught between fantasy and magic.
Berliner Morgenpost
The tension between elegance and expression very unusually performed. Balls and feet magically create rhythms.
Berliner Tagesspiegel