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Concert for a dancer
for more information: www.orfeo-tango.de

With the creation of a full evening show you now have the possibility to book Orfeo in different settings with live music as well as to combine different parts of the show corresponding to your event.

  1. Dynamic
    Duo with drummer
    10 20 minutes
    • Bolas
    • Argentinian drum
  2. Seduction Duo with female dancer
    10 20 minutes
    • Fire
    • Fans
  3. Small show
    Trio with drummer and dancer/singer
    10 30 minutes
    • Bolas
    • Fire
    • Argentinian Drum
    • Fans
    • Tango
  4. Orfeo Tango
    Concer for a dancer
    20 60 minutes
    • Selected parts
    • Full evening program